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FEVER (2017) Full Hindi Movies | New Released Full Hindi Movie | Latest Bollywood Movies 2017

FEVER (2017) Full Hindi Movies |

It’s sad ..your real story; your life – shouldn’t have ended this way.. Maybe this is the difference between real life and a story.. Fact and fiction.. That you cannot control your life.. ..and generally the end is not always what one wants it to be.. But how did it all happen? They say, life can change in a moment! I did not know that one accident will change my life like this! Armin.. Where are you? Armin? Once upon a time.. Someone was so lost in me.. Was in every breath.. But still was not mine.. In the time that has stopped.. Life moves in such a way.. That happiness also meets me like a stranger.. Around 10 days ago… When I got down from the bus to go to Champery.. That was the beginning. Hello stranger! Surprise, surprise. What are you doing here? Where are you going? Champery.. Let me drop you. Come on.. Pooja, drive slowly! Can you please drive slowly! What happened David? Who got him here? He was found on the roadside.. Unconscious! Surprisingly Fredrick, no broken bones! Can you hear me? How are you feeling? What’s your name? What happened? Are you Indian? What happened? Maybe it’s a hit & run! When I regained consciousness in the hospital, I did not remember anything! Did you see the vehicle? How did it happen? I had forgotten everything..

Where are you from? Can you hear me? What happened to you? What do you want? Do I know you? I kept on thinking about the girl throughout the night.. ..but I could not find any answers.. The only thing that came back to me was my name – Armin! ..and that I lived in Paris. Along with this I also got a feeling that I had committed a crime.. Which crime, I had no idea! Just so that the doctor and the police would not be suspicious.. I told them what they expected to hear! – You wont remember me.. ..my name is Dr. David Roy. Armin, Armin Salem! Thank you, Irina. – Okay. Looks as if you did not fall properly. Or else you would have at least a few broken bones. You are very unlucky, just cuts and bruises. So, how are you feeling? Like a patient in a hospital. Doctor, how long have I been here? Its been four days.. Four days! Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.. It usually happens after an accident. So, where are you from? France, Paris. Doctor, who got me here? A chauffeur.. a cabbie found you..

Somewhere near a church.. Did he find any luggage? Only the watch could save itself. I think.. I think I will be able to discharge you. Would you like to inform Rhea? You were mumbling her name when you were delirious. I love you.. I don’t want to hurt you.. That is what I wanted to ask you.. Can I make a call? Yeah, sure! Hello.. Hello.. Hi! Its me, Armin. Armin who? No, I am fine! What are you talking about? Had a little accident! Accident! Who the f*** is this? No-no I am fine! You’ve got a wrong number! Are you sure? – Of course I am. See how soon you can do it! I will wait for you in Champery.

Love you. Bye! You wanted to see me? Yes doctor. Your friend must be relieved to hear from you? Quite. When is she coming? She will take 2-3 days.. Maybe more! Where were you going before the accident? Train station, and then to catch a flight from Zurich. That means you have lost your passport, tickets- everything! What will you do now? That’s what I am thinking! Isn’t there anyone else who can help you? I don’t know anyone here. If I help you, hope you won’t run away with my money! I would need a passport for that too! Okay! I’ll see what I can do! My lie forced the doctor to help me. What do you want? Why are you following me? Excuse me? If you can’t understand English, I am sure you can understand Hindi.

Why are you following me? I don’t even know you! Why should I follow you? You had even come to the hospital? I am sure there is some confusion! I am not getting confused. What were you doing outside my room? Outside your room? Oh! You mean the hotel! I stay there! My God! You are really paranoid! Oh! Now you are even staying in my hotel! Just tell me the truth! Who has sent you to follow me? I want an answer! Now you stop following me, or I will call the cops. You understand that! Hi..

Would you like some bread? – Thank you. Keys! Excuse me! Bonjour! Bonjour! Nice Monroe! Thanks. Kaavya Chaudhary. Pooja. Doesn’t seem so from my face, isnt it? And that’s Jean Pierre. Hi! I work at the Bern Museum as a curator. Were you in Bern? No? Not already… I can’t believe it! House-keeping please. House-keeping. Later please. Here you go. You call me, I will be there for you..

..I can pick you up. Isn’t it, Jean Pierre? Sure. It’s okay, it’s okay! He will be fine! Move, move. Are you okay? – He is fine? He is fine? – He is fine. Okay! Just calm down please, We can go. Come on, leave them alone. You okay? If you don’t know how to swim.. You should keep away from water! I wasn’t trying to swim, my leg slipped. Whatever. Do I know you? I don’t know. What is your name? Are you asking me or scolding me? Kaavya Chaudhary. Won’t you tell me your name? What do you do? What do you do, apart from drowning! Question for a question is not an answer! I work at the Bern Museum. But why do you want to know so much about me? Hope it isn’t that.. – You had come to the hospital, right? What? Actually I am in the habit of lying.. But I am not in the mood today! I wasn’t there! And, stay away! Kaavya Chaudhary was who she was claiming to be.. ..but whom had I met in the hospital.. Armin. I tired to look for Armin Salem on the net.. Google, Facebook, Linked in..

There were many Armin Salem.. but they were not me! I even tried to remember my email address.. But nothing! Either I never existed on the internet or else I was trying to find a wrong man? Who was I? And who were they? If there was an answer, it had to be in this. Kaavya… Dr. Roy… Rhea… Champery… Only the watch has been able to save itself! WK WK Hello! Good evening. How are you? I am fine, sir. Good evening. How can I help you? You look very familiar, have we met before? Don’t think so. No, cannot remember.

Aah, Sorry.. This is the only place where you make these watches, right? Absolutely! I am sure then you can tell me whether this is an original piece or not!? Let’s have a look. If the watch is not sold here it is definitely a fake. But I will have a look in my book. One sec, I will have a look. Thank you! Hello, yeah.. this is Pooja Warrier calling.. Are you home? Sir, it’s ours.. it’s a real one.. from us! Thank God! Thank you so much sir.. Pleasure. And this was billed in the name of..? Warriers. Warriers! – Staffelstrasse 56. Yes please.. what do you want? Hi. Yes.. Warrier? Sorry? Who you looking for? Does Warrier stay here? Does he stay here? Used to..

But not anymore. Used to.. Dead! Dead? When.. how..? I don’t know.. used to.. dead! But is there something about.. I told you he is dead.. please go.. go.. Oh my God! Thank you.. thank.. thank you so much.. ..there was just this guy who was just following me.. My identity was still as unknown as the night.. Warrior was dead and so were my clues.. Who was this Warrior whose watch was with me? Used to. Dead! Dead? Who had killed him? Or he himself had.. Questions whose answers were in my head.. So I turned back the pages of my life.. And tried to remember.. Every moment after coming out of the hospital.. And suddenly from behind the voice, a face appeared.. The number I had called randomly from the hospital was not random at all… But was Fabian’s.. Fabian Schneider. The guy who made fake passports.. My first instinct in the hospital was to get away from there. And that is why.. Now all the answers were in Paris.. Hello! Hello! – Hello! Fabian? Yes? Who is this? – Armin Salem.. Do you know me..

Remember me? Should I? What do you want? I want a passport. Go to the embassy.. How much? You should know! When? Come on.. Come on Tuesday. Now Paris and my identity was just 2 days away. Only 2 days! Hi! I thought you had asked me to say away. Do you always listen to everything that people say? I had asked you, not myself.. Sorry.. I don’t always behave like this.. But that day you were too.. So.. would you like to tell me the truth now. Will you be able to hear it? I have already told you. What are you looking at? There is lots to see! Really! So, am I looking good or bad? Bad! Won’t you at least tell me your name? Okay.. at least tell me about the wound on your face.. Accident! Armin Salem.. from France.. on a vacation.. happy? Accident.. how? Hit and run! Life is a hit and run I guess.. People meet you accidentally and then vanish.. The only difference is that the wounds cannot be seen on the face..

Seems as if you have been through an accident yourself.. Is it so evident? No-no.. have been saved from one until now.. Lucky you.. Right.. Or maybe.. unlucky me! Karan.. Karan.. What happened Armin? All okay? I thought Rhea.. I mean there was someone there.. Who? I don’t know.. Maybe someone.. Surprising, so many people.. Seems as if they don’t get out of the pub.. Single malt please.. on the rocks. And you? We will have a Glenlivet. Nice? Cheers! – Cheers! I will just be back.. You’ve met me.. It is my good fortune. I have stolen you. From destiny itself. Your love has given me the breath of life. Stay close to my heart forever. You’ve met me.. It is my good fortune. I have stolen you. From destiny itself. How much have I longed for your love. How many rains have I spent without you. Whatever was empty in my life. Is filled because of you. Forever stay close to me. I have stolen you. From destiny itself.

I have found heaven in your arms. You are whatever I yearned for. Stop. It is your faithfullness. And that is why I am alive. I’m enriched because of your love. I have stolen you. From destiny itself. Karan.. Karan.. This means… that I have gone mad? Not until now.. but don’t know if you were before! You know it takes time to recover from a brain injury. So you think every thing I have seen so far is an hallucination. I don’t believe this.. Nothing was for real? I told you that I had seen that girl alive on the street.. But you also said that, you have seen her dead in your room! What do you mean? Either you are a very good actor or you have done something…

What? If you are seeing the girl again and again, it means only one thing… And I hope I am not right! You want to say that.. ..I killed the girl? But you are forgetting that, you were the one who told me that… ..hallucination has no logic! So!? I never said that. Either you’ve actually come from Paris… Or I have helped a wrong man! How much? Thanks.

The moment I reached Sion I remembered that.. ..I had taken a fake passport from Fabian.. I was sure that Fabian would know something about me. Taxi.. Hi! Can I come inside? I wanted to ask you something? Is your life in danger? I… – Why? Whenever I meet you, I feel as if you are.. What do you want from me? What do you want? If I don’t say anything it does not mean that.. I don’t know anything. First pretending to be in love.. And then turning around to say, ‘I don’t know you’.

Please get out of here. Out! Damn it! I am really sorry.. ..but what I don’t understand is, why do you want to meet me again and again? I.. I don’t want anything from you Armin.. Just that whenever I meet you, you look so troubled.. But if you don’t like it, I can leave? I said I am sorry Kaavya! It’s just that.. my mind is so.. It’s all so.. I can’t ..can’t explain! What is the matter Armin? You.. you can trust me! Tell me please..

You really want to hear it.? When I regained consciousness in the hospital.. The only thing that came back to me was my name, Armin.. And that I am from Paris.. But I didn’t remember what I do.. and what am I doing here? Nothing! But more importantly.. I woke up with the guilt.. .. of having committed a crime. Crime? Which crime? I don’t know.. I don’t remember a thing. To know this I wanted to go to Paris. I would also have got the passport.. ..if someone hadn’t informed the cops! That is why you have been behaving so suspiciously..

Now I have even started seeing weird things. Do you remember the girl I had seen on the road? I saw her in the shower! Dead! And you were also there! I ? And then both of you vanished. I.. I just don’t know what is happening. It will be better for you, Kaavya, if you stay away from me. Look, I am certain that when you remember what Armin has done.. .. it won’t be bad.. And don’t they say.. ‘Eyes don’t lie!’ I trust my eyes completely! Everything will be fine, Armin.

I promise! Your memory.. Your memory.. Hi! Who are you? Why are you after me? And you are alive? But.. all that blood! Of course I am alive.. What do you think? Am I a ghost!? You know Hindi? – Don’t you remember? I told you, I am a linguist ! You are talking to me as if you don’t know me! I know you? Karan, what’s wrong with you? Karan? Not Karan, my name is Armin. But you told me it was Karan! When did I tell you? I have never met you before! Of course you are Karan! How do you know me? Why are you doing this? Didn’t you hear me? Just.. just calm down.. We had met on the bus a few months ago. On the bus to Bern. And.. Nothing.. We spoke about a few things. What things? That you stay in Bern.. .. You are a writer.. .. Karan.. Karan.. what? I.. I can’t remember! You are lying.. I am seeing you again and again.. .. What do you want from me.. .. and what are you doing in my room? I was waiting for a cab, when I saw you! I was surprised to see you..

Karan..? Karan..? I called out to you but.. but you ran as if you had seen a ghost! Why’re you running away. I came after you.. concerned, is everything fine? The door was open, so I walked in! What is your name? Rhea.. Do you want to inform Rhea? The doctor has sent you, hasn’t he? No one has sent me. Why are you doing this? You stay around here somewhere? Of course! Come, I will drop you home! I can go on my own. I know you can. I said I will drop you! If you insist! Wish you would tell me what’s wrong! What are you trying to prove? I really don’t understand! So, you stay here? Yes. What are you looking for? And you met me on the bus? Yes.

Don’t you remember? Look Karan.. Not Karan! Armin! Okay.. Look, we had a great rapport.. ..that is why I want to help you.. ..but if you don’t tell me what happened.. .. how can I help you? Are you listening? Karan…? Armin..? Alright! If you don’t want to.. Rhea! Rhea? Do you want to break the door? That’s how badly you want to meet me! Where were you? I was following you! Do I have to ask you now, where all I can go? What is it? You want to tell me something? Sit. I can’t decide whom to trust and whom not to! Do you remember the girl I had seen dead in the shower? Yes. Today she came to meet me in my room! What? That means she is alive? It’s good in a way. At least it clears your confusion! Not really! Why? Because she told me my name is not Armin but Karan! Why is she lying? I am sure, they are all ganging up to trap you! Or what if, they all are confusing you with someone else.. ..who looks exactly like you.

But I am Armin! Or.. am I Karan? Armin…? Or Karan…? I know who I am! Who are you? I didn’t believe what she told me, and I was right.. I am Armin.. Not Karan! I am a contract killer, a professional assassin.. Who kills people for money! An assassin who kills for money. Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. You are my story You live through me.. When will I possess you.. You are the one I deserve.. Every bit of you is worth dying for.. It is the fever of being alive.. It is the fever of being alive.. You are the sign.. That I exist.. How do I meet you again.. You keep an eye.. On my every breath.. So that I come alive again..

Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. You are my story You live through me.. Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. It is the fever of being alive.. It is the fever of being alive.. You were unknown to me.. Still I got to know you.. I wonder why.. I was naïve To have stopped at you.. But where do I go now..

Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. You are my story You live through me.. When will I possess you.. You are the one I deserve.. Every bit of you is worth dying for.. After completing my last assignment in Paris.. I came to Brienz. Hi. – Morning. Hi! Hello Mr. Fournier Thank you for banking with us. Thank you. This time my contract was a banker.. A banker named Rhea..

Rhea Wagner. For me beauty is an everyday experience.. ..and beautiful girls almost a daily affair.. But that day there was feeling in the air. Hi! Life had a different intention! For the first time I did not want to kill any one.. ..rather, I wanted to live myself! So, how is Michale J doing? Could be better! Nice to see young people around. Yeah, it is. And pretty! Thank you! Armin! Rhea! Are you Indian? Racist? Haven’t spoken Hindi in a long time. Is that why you want to speak to me? May I? Sure. So, how do you manage Hindi? My father spent a lot of time in India.. .. I was there with him. So where do you go, when you go? Far away. Can people come there with you? Depends! Sour, sweet, hotter than a chilli.. But tasteless without you.. Is Love.. There is no pressure on the heart. #It makes a lot of noise. Without you it’s boring. Is Love.. I’m really mad about you. Went on to being someone else. Your eyes all but killed me. Sour, sweet, hotter than a chilli..

But tasteless without you.. Is Love.. My heart beats and then misses a beat. My heart.. your heart.. It’s all about the heart. It’s all about the heart. Sometimes this and sometimes that. Sleepy and lost. It is wrapped in a blanket of warm breaths. Sour, sweet, hotter than a chilli.. But tasteless without you.. Is Love.. How we got entangled.. With love blending in like sugar.. Let us really get troubled in love.. You, you.. I was made for you.. Sour, sweet, hotter than a chilli.. But tasteless without you.. Is Love.. There is no pressure on the heart. #It makes a lot of noise. #Without you it’s boring. Is Love.. Wait.. wait. Will you ever tell me, what you do? Nothing! Truth? Absolutely not! Dawg! Do you know.. What I do? I will still love you..

.. So what difference does it make? Well, what if I am a dangerous psychopath!? If I have to die.. I would rather die by your hands! Really? Kill me. Love you. Hi! So where does this cable-car go to? It goes from Brienz to Hassliberg. Yes, that’s the cable-car. Okay, it’s first. I have been here forever. It’s his first time. Thank you.. you have a good day. – Thank you. What? What’s wrong? Her eyes were so truthful, that I could not lie to her. I told her everything about myself. Someone wants to kill me. Why? I don’t know. We don’t ask. We? It’s just another job for you! You make it sound so routine.

You just kill! How many have you killed? Quite a few! Can mistakes be forgiven? Can the past be forgotten, or forgiven? No Armin. Just because you love me, I should forgive you? I am sure, the people you have killed.. ..they too must have loved someone. Just like me! No Armin, I will never forgive you! I really tried to explain to her.. But.. but she could not forgive.. ..and I…! What happened then? That is what I am trying to remember.. ..but I know for sure, something bad happened. What, I am not sure! But at least you are certain that you are Armin! If Rhea knows me..

..then why hasn’t she told me? And why is she trying to prove that I am not Armin? But Karan! Unless.. Unless what? Only she can answer that! Hi! Are you okay? Enough! You can stop pretending! I know who you are! Come on Armin. I mean Karan! Are you going through one of your phases?’ Why don’t you sit? I know that you are Rhea! Right? Of course I am Rhea! You have forgotten yourself, not me! And please, speak softly! Rhea wait! Come outside! I said wait! Rhea wait.. .. I said wait! Leave me alone.. You know that I am Armin and not Karan. I remember everything! Our meeting.. falling in love, everything! And when you got to know that I am a contract killer.. ..what happened between us? What? Just let me go! Please, stop! Have you lost your mind? We fell in love? And you are a contract killer! Are you trying to scare me? I met you once on the bus.

That’s the truth! So just stop! I am Rhea! Hi! I am Karan. Hello! Where are you from? You know Hindi? I am a linguist. I also know Hindi. Me too! Is this what you do for a living? I.. I have a watch company in Champery. It’s a… Rhea Wagner! Wagner! -Wagner! Yeah! What about you? I.. write. I am a writer. Okay. I will keep this? – Please yeah. Armin. Rhea. Why.. why would I lie to you? I had seen everything so clearly. Damn it! What is the truth? Please tell me the truth! Just.. Just calm down. The more you try to remember.. .. the more it will not come back! So just let it be and it might all come back! If you were Rhea, you would have got me arrested! But you are Rhea..

..and me, Armin. Or, Karan? You are Karan. You only told me. In fact you sent me some emails that.. Hi! Hi! You.. you both know each other? – Of course not! I am Rhea. Kaavya. So, this is your friend? But she is alive! I thought I am Armin .. but.. ..but Rhea told me that I am Karan. But you are not Karan.. So why is she trying to prove that you are Karan? We met on the bus, why would he lie to me? I wonder why people lie! Can we go Karan.. ..or should I say Armin? You go, I will come later. Sure. I forgot that you both are in love. So you.. Cool! She is polite! You want to see the mail? One you sent me? Bonjour! – Bonjour madame! Bonjour! I am looking for this person. Does he stay here? Yes! Which room? 323. But he has gone out. Okay! So, can I wait here? Yeah sure! Please. Okay! Thank you! Surprising. You don’t remember a thing? No. Why did you come to Champery then? That is what I am trying to find out. For how long have you been staying here? Since my childhood.

Why? Have you ever been to Brienz? No. Never. Which bank do you work for? Who told you I work in a bank! I have a watch company. Ancestral. Any more questions? Questions, I have many! Welcome. What can I get you? My identity! Will you show me the mail please? One sec. Here. You sent me this mail 15 days ago. But what can one know from this mail? This mail could have been sent by anyone? Could have been. But it could also have been sent by Karan! You said in the mail, that you wanted to show me something. What is that? How should I know? You are talking as if I am Karan! If you still don’t want to believe.. Just a minute. We met on the bus, right? Hmm. Where was the bus going? Bern.

From where? Champery. Champery to Bern.. Karan Bern. You check I will get you some juice. Oh my God! Wait. Hi. I was not able to sleep, so I thought.. What is wrong Armin? I have not done anything Kaavya.. What have you not done? Who is this? And why did you kill her? Please believe me Kaavya. I have not done anything! I have not killed anyone. I don’t even know her, why would I kill her? What is her body doing here? I don’t know. I have not killed her. But who will believe you? You will, right? Of course I will. Now you believe me that there is a conspiracy against you! What better confirmation do you want? I don’t know.

I don’t.. ..what should I do? You will have to go from here. Where? I am trapped from everywhere. I am in a mousetrap! And all alone.. You are not alone.. No Kaavya, I don’t want to drag you into all this. Not at all! Do I still need to tell you.. I am with you Armin.. Nothing will happen to you.. I won’t let anything happen! But first we will have to get rid of the body.. Okay? Armin.. Armin move! Careful. Let’s go.. Armin, let’s go! Armin, you quickly pack your stuff, I will meet you in 10 minutes! Bag? This is how..

We met.. The way rain meets the sky. It was love at first sight. For the poor heart. Are you following me? Yes! Oh! That simple! We can make it complicated if you like! Really? Will you have coffee with me? No, I am busy. How about tomorrow? You will have to follow me again for that! Yes? Hello stranger! Hello yourself.

If you had stayed in Paris for a few more days.. I would have all but forgotten you! Not so easily.. Do you remember something now? I really missed you! And I found you! Just be in my arms..- Shall we? Till the sun sets.. And rises again.. Be in my eyes.. Let the heart flow.. And the time not stop.. We had to meet one day.. Why should we be lonely.. We had to meet one day.. Why should we be lonely.. Hi! -See you tomorrow. Bye. Bye. What’s up? God! Why didn’t you come in? Let’s go. How was your trip to Sion? Amazing! I met Fabian Schneider. Brilliant, how he runs a fake passport business. And lucky me, he even met me. Come. Every character in your story is real, except me.. My story..my characters.. and my wish.. ..do you have a problem? Whatever. Give me cigarettes please.

Why do you always keep your cigarettes in my purse? Because you don’t smoke! Hi Pooja! – Hi. Is Karan here? Yeah, he is inside! Okay. What? Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday dear Karan! Do you want to crush me or what? Happy birthday to you.. – Thank you. Grace, but Karan’s birthday is tomorrow. This is her old habit of wishing me a day before the birthday! Yes, I have to be the first to wish you! Okay! Now this is the plan.. Dinner at Lasalle.. .. Concert at Hallenstadion.. ..and drinks at he Rooftop Bar. In short, for the next 3 hours, I am the boss! No questions, no answers! Shall we go..? But Grace we have just come from outside and..

No no no no no.. The boss can beep you if you beep around with her! So let’s get the f*** out of here! Let’s go… let’s go. – At least let me take my wallet.. I am there na.. Always so excited.. it’s just a birthday.. After all we are adults now! – Adults.. not old! Late as always. I have some news for you. – What’s that? I have quit my job! Are you mad? You were so happy with your job. And your pay was terrific. Why did you quit? No-no. I want to give all my time to you, so that.. ..you can complete your book! Who told you I am not writing my book properly? Why did you have to quit? I have made up my mind and there are no two ways about it! Done is done! So should we celebrate now? Yeah sure! Let’s celebrate. If you keep on looking at me like this how can I write? If I don’t look at you how do I live! A dusky night.. That will pass us by.. In a drunken haze.. I will remember you.. I will look for you in pictures.. If I don’t find your face, I will die..

I will remember you.. Stop it ya! Please stop it! Stop looking after me! And stop behaving like this writer’s wife please.. It cannot be a compulsion! Compulsion? What are you talking about? You know what.. .. it’s as if I am being forced to write.. .. I am writing out of fear.. Every morning I wake up with the fear that I have to write.. ..because my wife has left her job for me.. .. has stopped living, so that I can write. Please Pooja, I don’t need your time to write, but my own time. My own time! But I was just.. – Just leave it! If I leave.. you won’t be able to live! Excuse me! I will manage quite well. You want to try it? I don’t want to talk about it!? No-no .. You want to try it? Karan, I don’t want to listen to this. I said I don’t want to talk about this! I too don’t want to talk about this! Neither do I want to write! Get lost! You can come back home, once you cool down.. It’s all over Grace. I can’t think.. Can’t write.. Can’t breathe! She is literally colonizing my mind! Karan, she is just taking care of you! How can you call it suffocation? If she takes care, it’s a problem! If she doesn’t take care, then too it’s a problem! You know what, love is about giving space..

And not occupying it! And she does not need to look after me.. ..at times she needs to look away from me! You know.. if one does not need a reason to fall in love.. ..One should not need a reason to fall out of love as well! There should be a reason.. ..and there is! Pooja? And that too I can see quite clearly! Pooja, please! – Pooja, we are just friends! Pooja! – Friends? Pooja! Please not here! F*** Friends! – Pooja, please not here! That’s what you want to be, right!? – Pooja stop! Don’t you understand he is a married man! He is a married man! – You bit** Pooja! – Why don’t you leave him alone! You are losing it, Pooja! – Why can’t you just leave us alone! What will you take to leave him alone! Leave my hand Karan! It’s good for a first draft. Needs some polishing though. Oh! Thank you. Hi Pooja! Hi Grace! It’s so nice to see you! Karan was insisting that I read his first draft.

Of course! I don’t exist for him.. to read it.. Grace, you continue reading! Grace, would you like some coffee? No thanks! I am fine. Of course you are! – Pooja! Have you lost it! You have lost your mind! I am sorry, Grace! I am very sorry! How dare you slap my friend! Say sorry! Say sorry right now! F*** you! The both of you! Every time the same thing! I am sorry! Don’t you understand? It’s over! What? It’s over! The heart lay burdened.. I found you, yet lost you.. Life froze in pain.. Where can I find you, please tell me the place.. Why did you leave, give me the reason.. Come into my arms again.. .Every belief that has broken, lies in pieces.. I will remember you.. I will remember you.. I am almost done. Did I leave it in your room? What? I had no idea nicotine would have such an effect… ..that it will bring back my memory! Now I know why I used to be so irritated.. Because I craved for cigarettes.. What are you saying? The thing which can take a life can also save a life! I have got my identity, Kaavya! I have finally solved it What? When I told Rhea the truth..

..instead of forgiving me She hated me.. For the first time I spoke the truth to someone.. But she wanted to hear a lie.. I will never forgive you. When Rhea got to know the truth… She wanted to hand me over to the police.. I had to choose between us. I chose myself! They say love kills.. It actually does! So you killed Rhea? That means the girl whom we met was a different Rhea? I don’t know. But this conspiracy will be solved soon.. Because I remember very well where I killed her. After reaching there it will be proved that I am Armin! But when you know it in your head that you are Armin.. And you are the one who killed Rhea or whatever… Why don’t you believe in yourself? Why do you want to go there? Why do you need confirmation? Now I do not want to believe what is in my mind.. but what is real! Let’s go. Pooja! drive slowly.

You knew all the time that I did not kill anyone.. That I mixed fact with fiction! I connected my book with my life. You are my wife, Pooja! I remember everything. What were you waiting for? For so many days I kept on suffering. Died every day thinking that I have killed someone! And you.. ..Inspite of knowing everything.. And, you wanted to kill me? I would want to kill you? I.. Who can do anything for you. Who has left everything for you.. Whereas you left me and started living with Grace! How could I tolerate it? Look Karan! – One minute, Grace! Karan! Oh my God! ‘What If’. My book! I know, I am so happy for you Karan! – When did it come? I have been dying to see this! Finally the galleys! When will it be in the market? ‘What if’.

Maybe in a few months. Do you know whom do I want to give the first copy to? Me of course! Of course you. But before you.. ..to Rhea! What say? She has been my inspiration! Karan, I hope you haven’t fallen in love with Rhea! Armin is in love with Rhea after all. But you are Karan! When did I say I am Armin? Oh! You are so confusing! Let me see.. You know what, I am going to Champery the first thing in the morning. To give the book to the one who inspired me.

Rhea Wagner! As it is I have to go Montreux, You get down at Champery. When I heard that you were going to Champery to meet Rhea.. .. I thought I could mend things with you. That is why I followed you. It was just an accident Karan! Whatever you did to me.. ..came back to me in the car and I.. .. I don’t know how I..? When you did not recognize me in the hospital.. What do you want? Do I know you? I understood that you didn’t remember anything.. And then you said your name as Armin. I understood that you had started living your book’s character. Life gave me another chance. Where I could live with you again. And you even started falling in love with me again. This is how you moved away. Like life.. And separation of living it. That Grace came back into our lives again, and messed up everything. She could never let us be! You know what Karan has gone out.. ..why don’t you come with me? Yeah, sure! I am sure he will be very happy to see you..

Yeah, let’s go! Dead! You can go to such extremes for love, Pooja! I don’t believe you! ‘Everything is fair in love’, is not just a saying.. .. People like us have the courage to do it.. ..and that is how people quote us! It takes courage to love someone, who doesn’t love you! I love you because I love you, not because you love me! Will you ever understand that! If you love someone and can stay without that person.. ..then maybe you have never really loved! How can I live knowing that I don’t know you.. ..that I can’t touch you.. feel you.. ..that I can’t make love to you! If you tell me.. Will die for you.. Just say it.. Just say yes.. Please Karan, don’t say it! – Pooja, but this is the truth! Karan, please.. please don’t say it! We can’t stay together! – My breath. Don’t say it. Please! Please Karan.. – Is counting. Please.. Few that remain.. If you are not there.. This journey has no meaning..

Can I look at you one last time.. Can I kiss you one last time.. Breath might not last..- Pooja… Memory might not last.. In love I lost everything.. Whatever happened was because of the heart.. Just looking at you.. My world.. Even if you have lied.. Just love me one last time.. Can I look for you once.. Can I tell you one last time.. Breath might not last.. Memory might not last.. Breath might not last.. Memory might not last.. In spite of loving Rhea so much, Armin killed her! And Pooja killed herself for love! I am still not sure, if there is a right and wrong in love? It’s really sad. So..

Who am I? Who am I? You are who you are in real life! Rhea! I put your real life character into my book. You know when we met on the bus.. ..I was looking for my characters. And when I saw you I found my character. When I woke up in the hospital, my book, my characters..you.. ..were playing so much on my mind.. ..that I could not think beyond Armin and Rhea! So, are you Armin or Karan? Whenever a writer is etching out his main character..

..he picks up a lot of shades from his own life. Of course I am Karan…but a lot of Karan is in Armin too! Well, I don’t ever want to be a writer! Me too! Who is that ? My next contract. It is the fever of being alive.. It is the fever of being alive.. You are the sign.. That I exist.. How do I meet you again.. You keep an eye.. On my every breath.. So that I come alive again.. Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. You are my story You live through me.. Life was without a care.. I needed her.. To go through the night.. It is the fever of being alive.. It is the fever of being alive…

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